The presence of spirit within me blesses everyone I meet.                       
Ernest Holmes


       Psychic Medium,  Ascension Reiki Master  


                                     Life Coach.


My name is Erica I am a Psychic Medium, Healer and Life Coach. As a child, I always experienced a sense of “knowing” and had many experiences I could not rationalise. This heightened awareness never disappeared however laid dormant until I was faced with a personal crisis as an adult, I sought the expertise of a Reiki practitioner to help facilitate healing and personal growth. Once I began to meditate and took responsibility for my own healing, I realised and recognised my own Psychic and Mediumistic abilities. It was the beginning of a long and sometimes lonely journey into rediscovering "the self" I had buried for so long and tried to find a supportive network of like-minded people. Like so many lightworkers we’re not immune to self-doubt, and I was no different, I had to persevere despite the obstacles. I came to an understanding that I had to trust in my ability to help, support and facilitate healing in others. I am committed to working for the spirit world and ensuring my work is of the highest integrity.


A little bit about how I work…..


During a reading I can work on a"Psychic level", so I can ‘read' blend and tune into the energy of the client.  When I use my psychic faculties, I can perceive current obstacles and suggest practical strategies to move forward. A psychic reading may also cast light on existing qualities and potential possibilities however a client MUST take responsibility for their own actions and consider the information as guidance, not gospel.


I also work on a Mediumistic level. Therefore I can communicate with family and friends who have crossed over. When I use my Clairvoyant ability, I can see spirit, auras, objects and places. I see spirit or visions through my third eye. I also experience Clairaudience, which means I hear messages from the “other side” either physically or psychically. I also receive information via taste, smell or touch. This Clairsentient ability helps me to be able to tap into the feelings of the client or spirit communicator. When I connect with the spirit of those who have passed they may provide information about their lives, shared memories, validation of a current situation or may offer advice. 


No medium can guarantee that the person you wish to communicate with will come through during a reading. I encourage all clients to come to the experience with an open heart and mind. 


I have been working as a Psychic Medium/Healer for the past ten years. I also work as a platform Medium demonstrating proof of survival to audiences in Spiritualist Centres and Psychic Expos. I currently facilitate Mediumship/Psychic Development circles and assist others on their spiritual journey. It is a true privilege to be able to connect clients with loved ones who have passed and provide spiritual insight. I encourage my clients to empower themselves and recognise their own spiritual truth. 

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Darnum, Victoria. Australia

Ph: 0417 815 382